Whale tendons


Tuna cuisine cooked by craftsman with 40 years of experience

It is a restaurant specializing in premium tuna dishes located in Sinchon Village. Tuna dishes that can be tasted with the touch of a long-time Japanese cook. The interior is decorated with his own hands.

Akkeun Restaurant


A small restaurant in the sea village run by a couple

It is a space that you want to go back to if you go once, like Akkeun Dalangh Orum which is impressed by the scenery where you go up and meet. Husband's delicate cuisine and his wife's warm hospitality are pleasant, simple and pretty.

Dalgmeoleu Ocean Road


Report of living ecology

On one side of Shinchon's sea are sharp-pointed black rocks. It looks like a chicken digs the soil and sits in it and calls it ‘Dalgmeoleu’. Take a leisurely stroll along the coastal road which gives a deep impression of the strangely shaped rocks near Dalgmeoleu.

Hello Namsaengi

헬로 남생이

Cafes that enjoy the scenery of the sea and Mt. Halla at the same time

The place where you can stroll around the stone walls around the cafe, the wetland pond, the lawn garden and relax at the outdoor tables. In particular, I can enjoy the sea and the landscape of Halla Mountain at the same time. It is also famous for wedding snap photography.



Place where Spicy octopus stir-fried is delicious

It is a small dining room which is made by renovating old house. There is a menu of fish dishes, stir-fried fish, snacks, fish dishes, pork cutlet, and fish cake soup. It is good to drink lightly because it is open until quite late.

Toll Salon


Various desserts made with rice

It is a cafe selling desserts made with rice. You can taste rice cakes, cookies, etc. made by the patissier who studied animation, and it have classes to make your own.



Jeju-style cafe made by renovating old warehouse

It create a wonderful atmosphere as vintage furniture and accessories scattered all over the place are in harmony with the traces of the stone warehouse. You can taste the delicious desserts such as mommy spring mugwort rice cake and mommy's hand donuts as well as drinks such as coffee.

Jocheon Shop


Small and rustic small shop in Jocheon Village

It is a rustic accessory shop with Jeju souvenir and beautiful interior accessories. This place is small but full of accessories so you do concentrate to see it. If you buy a souvenir that reminds you of your trip, or if you choose a gift for someone, stop by here.



Please search the address of Stay Lento in the navigation. [14-3, Sinchonbuk 3-gil, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do]. It is about 14km from Jeju Airport and takes about 30 minutes by car. If you rent a car, you have 30 minutes to go to the airport because you have time to go to the rental car house.


From Jeju International Airport, take the 325 bus(to Sinsa-dong) and get off at Shinchon-ri Stop after the 30 stops. Cross the road at Sinchon-ri stop and enter the sinchon 3 gil(road). Then walk during 10 minutes. After you see Minseo’s table 민서네 밥상, you walk left for 2 minutes and you will see the Stay Lento.


If you come to Stay Lento by taxi from Jeju Airport, please use the taxi stop in front of Gate 5 of the airport to tell us [14-3, Sinchonbuk 3-gil, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do]. If you move to the airport by taxi, please contact our manager, then, manager will kindly ask for call taxi to take you safely to the airport.