'Stay Lento', whose name means a house that is staying slowly, is a small country house located beside Sinchon port which is not busy in. Lento located on the grounds of Bille (rock over the rock) will allow you to spend a lot of sensitive time through the windows capturing various viewing like sea, Halla Mountain, village landscape.

Stay lento is designedfor long by having been observing the town for a long time, drawing a lot ofemotional points in every space in my head, This small house in a quiet ruralvillage of Jeju, rather than a famous sightseeing spot, will come as a largehouse that gives you plenty of space to feel the sea, sky, wind and plants ofJeju.

We hope that you will make a memorable trip to Jeju by admiring the slowly-formed villages for hundreds of years, village plants, and olle-road.